April 17, 2013

Jacking In

Hulks and Horrors is a scifi retroclone combining the human-scale ruleset of D&D with a stripped down Traveller stellar model. It comes equipped with some amazing tables for generating adventuring locations, from the macro game of sector exploration to the smallest underground bunker or space station. You can be a bearman or a floating squid and pilot a Winnebago bristling with nuclear missiles. It is the best, and I've just started running it! H&H paints its universe with a broad brush, so when I see at the bottom of Complex room table an entry for "VR Access Node" and nothing more it demands I make a table for what terrible misfortune befalls whoever jacks in!

Accessing VR Nodes
The Ancients left behind technological wonders of infinite variety, some of the more common pieces of tech are virtual reality systems. These sophisticated systems were used for education, simulation, entertainment, even basic maintenance of the facilities they were part of.

Node Technology (1d6) 
  1. Headset and Gloves
  2. Holographic Interface
  3. Cranial Jacks (1 damage/use)
  4. Psychic Mechanism
  5. Cybernetic Cocoon
  6. Memetics
Figuring out the Ancient technology and successfully accessing a node requires a INT check.

VR Effects (1D12)
  1. All doors on this floor unlock.
  2. All doors on this floor open.
  3. All doors on this floor lock.
  4. Knowledge floods your brain. +2 to all checks to use technology in this complex.
  5. Alarm sounds, attracting nearby monsters. They arrive in 1d3 turns.
  6. Location of the nearest loot.
  7. Psychedelic mimetics fry your psyche for 1d6 damage.
  8. Simulation of infinite space populated by Precursor ghosts.
  9. Defense protocol summons 1d4+1 Servicebots to repel intruders. They arrive in 1d4 turns.
  10. A map of this level is downloaded into your brain.
  11. The defense system activates. Roll a hazard for this room.
  12. The node temporarily overwrites your language centers, you speak only a forgotten Precursor dialect for 1d6 hours.