January 19, 2012

Here be Hexes

My regional map for the Plains of Ig is approaching a finished state! Check it out full-size. I toyed around a little with Hexographer, but in the end decided to drew up a set of custom icons in Illustrator. I'll post a SVG when I've got this piece finished so everyone else can play around with the hexes. I have the basic terrain laid out now, I just need to add in some names and a key. I'm pretty happy how close it looks to my original sketch.

The Dungeon Crawl Classics beta rules I use don't have any overland crunch, so I've borrowed from Labyrinth Lord to save me doing math in my head. I've set the scale at 24 miles to a hex, a day's travel, which seemed like a good start for someone who's never run anything even remotely hexcrawly. It's all experimentation and OSR blogosphere osmosis. Once I've got this map finished I'll work on a small 6 mile maps for the areas around Hamanda Jakla and Smoleng, the two towns the group is likely to hang around for a while.

Despite pretty consistent game nights the group is pretty slow to get through dungeons. They've been descending through the current labyrinth for (real world) months now. They've probably forgotten there's an open air over their heads.

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