April 17, 2012

Machinations in the Mire

This week's session included Tim, the ever-present thief, Thogsmash, and Spud, wizards. Arrowroot's player was around for the first half of the evening, but had to go before much happened. Last week ended with the dispatching of a group of giant lizards who had attacked the caravan they were guarding. Hanzi, the caravan leader, called a halt after the lizards were dispatched, ending the day's journey on a dismal note. The weak light that filtered through the canopy quickly failed, leaving the group only the light of their campfires set high up on the swamp road away from damp. The forest was filled with sounds, strange howls and mysterious crashes in the darkness. The band clutched their cloaks tight against the fetid air, swords loose in scabbards. No one slept well that night, nor the next four nights.

On the fifth day in Orget forest a high misshapen tower loomed out of the mist, surrounded by a high wall of coiled vines thicker than a man's arm. Hanzi rode his horse up to the barrier and hailed whoever waited within. "Welcome to the tower of the Bogmaster!" he announced to the caravan. In a moment the vines gave a spasm like some great animal and twisted away from a point in the wall and exposing a wide gate. Beyond the gate waited hooded figures in deep green. They welcomed the caravan in silently. A large barn lay behind the tower. The Bogmaster's servants led the slave wagon was led within, along with the party and Hanzi.

The hooded servants led the slaves, still bound, out of the wagon and down into a stairwell in the floor of the barn. Behind them came Hanzi, Tim, Spud, and their men-at-arms. They were led to the main floor of the tower. The group was split, the slaves were led deeper into the tower while the others were ushered into the round banquet hall, including Thogsmash. It was set for a great feast! After everyone was seated the Bogmaster appeared. He was an elderly man with a ghastly green shade to his skin. He wore dark green robes of fine silk and a skull cap and a long beard long and gnarled almost like roots. He welcomed everyone, and with a gesture Thogsmash's bindings fell away. The party was confused, instead of the vengeance he was welcomed as a faithful servant. The Bogmaster made smalltalk as they ate, but no one had the nerve to question him closely. It was strongly suggested they spend the night, and not seeing an easy way to extricate their associate from Bogmaster's side they chose to stay. Spud, Tim, and the rest were led to private rooms, comfortable but sparsely furnished.

The Bogmaster led Thogsmash to his laboratory in the basement, and it was here the inevitable trap was sprung. He turned to the younger wizard and sent him into an enchanted sleep, then pulled a lever on the wall. This opened the trapdoors in the rooms above, dropping the rest of the party into a series of cells arrayed around a large chamber. The iron grates that covered the door was securely locked. The Bogmaster and his hooded servants entered carrying the limp body of Thogsmash. In the middle of the room was a large plant. When the Master approached it unfurled a long frond to cover Thogmash limp body.

"I have lost too many servants to the swamps of late," he cried. "You will do nicely to swell my ranks."

A large group of the hooded servants piled into each cell attempting to capture everyone. Each prisoner decided to make their final stand here. Spud tried to blast the attackers with magic, but he couldn't maintain the concentration long enough to form the spell. It did kick up a gust of wind, knocking loose the hood of the lead figure. Beneath was a man, or what was once a man. Married to the flesh of his bald head was a huge leaf, the long stem following the spine out of sight beneath the robes.


  1. Hey I just found your blog through the blog alliance.

    Your sessions sound awesome, I look forward to reading what happens next.

    1. Thanks Matt! Next week should be pretty action-packed.