May 11, 2012

Zero-level Occupations

DCC uses an occupation table for flavoring 0-level peasants. Since you're supposed to tear through a pack of them in the first session it seems an unnecessary bit of characterization, but it guarantees them a starting weapon and a profession. It's actually perfect for differentiating between what would otherwise be similarly statted faceless (and probably nameless) drones. I've hacked the DCC 0-level Occupation table for my campaign, cutting out the bits that don't fit the setting so well as well as switching the halfling entries with goblins.
0-level Occupation Table (d50)
1 Alchemist Staff Oil, 1 flask
2 Animal trainer Club Pony
3 Armorer Hammer (as club) Iron helmet
4 Astrologer Dagger Spyglass
5 Blacksmith Hammer (as club) bronze tongs
6 Carapace Boiler Tongs (as club) carapace, 1 lb.
7 Caravan guard Short sword Linen, 1 yard
8 Cobbler Awl (as dagger) Shoehorn
9 Cooper Crowbar (as club) Barrel
10 Cutpurse Dagger Small chest
11 Ditch digger Shovel (as staff) Fine dirt, 1 lb.
12 Dwarven ceramicist Hammer (as club) Superheavy ceramic, 1 lb.
13 Dwarven herder Staff Sow
14 Dwarven miner Pick (as club) Lantern
15 Elven artisan Staff Clay, 1 lb.
16 Elven forester Staff Herbs, 1 lb.
17 Elven sage Dagger Parchment and quill pen
18 Farmer Pitchfork (as spear) Hen
19 Flintknapper Stone dagger Knapping tools
20 Fortune-teller Dagger Tarot deck
21 Gambler Club Dice
22 Goblin hunter Sling Badger pelt
23 Goblin leatherworker Awl (as dagger) Gloves, 4 pairs
24 Goblin tailor Scissors (as dagger), bolt of  cloth
25 Goblin trader Short sword 20 sp
26 Goblin vagrant Club Begging bowl
27 Gongfarmer Trowel (as dagger) Sack of night soil
28 Grave digger Shovel (as staff) Trowel
29 Beggar Sling Crutches
30 Herbalist Club Herbs, 1 lb.
31 Herder Staff Herding dog
32 Hunter Shortbow Deer pelt
33 Indentured servant Staff Locket
34 Locksmith Dagger Fine toolsMercenary Longsword Hide armor
35 Miller/baker Club Flour, 1 lb.
36 Minstrel Dagger Ukulele
37 Merchant Prince Longsword Gold ring worth 10 gp
38 Orphan Club Rag doll
39 Ostler Staff Bridle
40 Outlaw Short sword Leather armor
41 Scribe Dart Parchment, 10 sheets
42 Shaman Mace Herbs, 1 lb.
43 Slave Club Strange-looking rock
44 Soldier Spear ShieldTrapper Sling Badger peltUrchin Stick (as club) Begging bowl
45 Watch Kid knife (as dagger) rope, 3'
46 Wainwright Club Pushcart
47 Weaver Dagger Fine suit of clothes
48 Wizard’s apprentice Dagger Black grimoire
49 Woodcutter Handaxe Bundle of wood
50 Wormling Spear Concealing robes

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