November 14, 2012

Introducing MECHA NAM

I've been tapping away at a scifi mecha RPG, sort of Starship Troopers with more grit. I call it MECHA NAM, but that's a placeholder name for now. Picture man-sized powered suits stomping through jungle planets fighting enemy mecha for meaningless hills to make ideological points for the generals back home.

Players roll up characters with simple histories, inspired by Traveler, detailing the tours of duty they took part in before the game begins. The rules are designed with squad-based action in mind, with each character's skills adding to the total efficiency of the group. It uses a die pool system with d6's. It's currently incomplete, with the glaring omissions being how to get rid of Stress Dice, what guns you start with, and who exactly it is you're trying to kill. These changes will appear soon! If all goes as scheduled I'll be playtesting this thing next Monday with my meatspace group.

Interested? Read MECHA NAM here!

Epic LEGO mecha by tattun.

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