February 05, 2013

Magical Sandwiches

  1. Ham and Save or Die, save or die
  2. Aboleth Tartine, counts as potion of ESP
  3. Witch Hoagie, cursed!
  4. Dragon Dagwood, causes dragon breath!
  5. Vampire Sub, lose 1d4 hp from bloodloss
  6. Goblin Dip, catch a disease
  7. Beholder Club, eyes project antimagic field for one hour
  8. Elfaletta, succulent but lacking in substance
  9. Sloppy Jackalwere, Polymorph Self
  10. Grilled Ooze, you just ate a grey ooze
  11. Ethereal BLT, counts as oil of etherealness
  12. Flumpher-nutter, Stinking Cloud
  13. Gorgon BBQ, 10’ cloud, save vs. spell or turn to stone
  14. Myconid Burger, it’s vegan! Trip balls for 1d6 hours
  15. Devil Torta, save versus spell or change to CE alignment
  16. Unicorn Wrap, regain all HP, if you call that living
  17. Kobold slider, disagrees with you terribly
  18. Doppleganger Dip, it looks delicious, but it’s not! Take the form of a random being within 100’
  19. Blue Chicken club, your head takes on the appearance of a large blue chicken
  20. Reuben sandwich, perfect in every way
  21. Crow gyro, you feel nauseous for the next 1d6 hours
  22. T-rex steak and entire loaf of bread, save versus poison, on a fail you throw it all up, on a success you gain 1d3 points of Strength
  23. Fried Brain, any mindflayers within 5 miles can inerrantly track the smell of your breath
  24. Monty Cristo, gain 1d10x250 gp and xp

  • For +Ian Johnson's ANARCHYCORE full-frontal Santicore rip-off plus insult comedy plus random RPG content wunderthread. I drew the lidless eye of +Claytonian JP who requested this mess.

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