February 20, 2012

Seafood in Smoleng

Dramatis Personae
Boff, a dwarf used primarily as a speed-bump for approaching monsters
Tiniest Tim, an ex-cripple and thief of ill repute
Arrowroot Greyteeth, a warrior of some skill and primary hacker-of-limbs
Thogsmash, a wizard not in the habit of casting spells
and Rothgrim, torch-bearer and dungeon canary

Last week the weekly rogues' gallery of players spent most of the session recuperating and re-equipping themselves after the clearing the Singing Hill. This week, fully healed and itching for more treasure after hearing the rum soaked rumor-mongering at the local ale den, they set off for the bottom of the sea cliffs on which Smoleng perches. They went in pursuit of pirate treasure said to be hidden within the sea caves that dot the coast. Heading south along the rocks, dodging the spray from the high tide, the party soon came to hole in the cliff hidden from the ocean by a huge pile of stone. They marched through narrow winding tunnels, eerily quiet. Some were flooded with sea water, but no one had the courage to go for a swim.

The exploration came to a halt in a narrow tunnel when Rothgrim heard something and dropped his torch in his haste to not be in the lead. Out of the darkness loomed a pair of giant crabs, blocking the tunnel, claws clicking and horrible mouths foaming evilly. Boff and Arrowroot prepared to repel the creatures. Arrowroot took a heavy claw to the shoulder, nearly downing him, and Boff would have been slain outright had a splintering shield not deflected the killing blow. The back line did their best to repel the beasts with a barrage of arrows but they all flew wide in the darkness. A final push by the warriors dispatched the creatures, and the party took a moment to rest. No one was willing to continue after facing such fierce monsters, and stringing up the huge crustaceans between a few polearms they carried the beasts back to Smoleng. The people of Smoleng ate very well that night and the tanners had special orders for crab carapace armor.

Heading back into the caves, the group didn't get much further before facing a trio of giant lizards. This skirmish went far smoother, with Thogsmash paralyzing the reptiles with an especially potent blast of kaleidoscopic color. With those monsters slain the session ended.

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