February 13, 2012

Elves in Ig

The elves Eons ago they ruled an empire called Belmora, a kingdom of crystal spires that ruled before the sun first shone. According to human tales the elves’ mighty empire was destroyed by hubris when their gaze stretched too far, piercing the sky and bringing monstrous insects raining down upon the kingdom, destroying it for ever. The elves say even less. "It was," they say, "and is no longer."

After the fall the elves disappeared from the face of Ig completely for five-thousand years. Man and dwarf were free to develop among the crystal ruins. Elves became nothing more than story and song. Since then they have appeared in small nomadic bands, crossing the land on horseback and following the migration patterns of the huge beetles known as ironbacks. They do not speak of where they come from, or where they have been. Some think they don't even remember.

Elves know where ley lines cross the land and how to tap into this geomantic energy. Given enough time even the dullest of their kind can work wonders at these sites. This patience has kept them protected from the insect scourge that periodically sweeps the land. Elves are the only race which have learned to fashion armor from the carapaces of ironbacks. These enormous insects are incredibly dangerous when cornered, but the elves know the locations where these enormous beasts go to die. This gives them almost complete control of the supplies of carapace they use to craft armor, and the rest of the people of Ig use a raw material for buildings.

Elvish Armor

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