February 28, 2012

Weird Folk

Sages, shamans, witches, dowsers, hedgewizards, psychopomps, and herbalists are common in Ig. Some people are born with a natural ability to perceive and shape the the invisible forces that underpin the land. Since having your mind’s eye jammed open to ultimate reality permanently does not make for a particularly balanced personality many of these individuals live on the outskirts of society. These are the kind of people you turn to for magical potions and Identify spells, totally willing to trade their peculiar talents for gold, jewels, bits of string, and small animals. When searching for someone of mystical means in a town for the first time roll a d20 and consult this table to determine their specific quirks:
1- This person’s home is filled with piles of books. He has written some of them himself, others were bought, borrowed, or stolen.
2- This person has 1d8x10 cats. She responds to all questions by talking to her cats, who listen eerily.
3- This person lives on top of a natural stone pillar. His voice is hoarse from screaming at the sky.
4- This woman is person lives in a dank cave, always wears concealing robes, and speaks in couplets.
5- This mute lives in a bare hut, every writable surface is covered in an unreadable flowing script.
6- This person lives beside what she claims is a magic spring. She acts as temple priestess to a religion she invented.
7- This village idiot, while not able to string much more than a sentence together, has a subconscious knack for magic.
8- An oracular pig and her master.
9- This extremely ancient man is full of starry wisdom. His eyes glint beneath thick brows.
10- This wise old woman is the classic witch, reading tea leaves and brewing potions.
11- This exceedingly ripe person covers himself in dung and lives in a ditch.
12- This woman lives under a bridge and mutters dire prophecies against long-dead empires.
13- This serene man sits on a rock outside of town and speaks in platitudes. He wears cast-off robes and his head is roughly shorn.
14- Wrapped in multi-colored silks, this tiny woman reads the stars for portents.
15- This man has etched glyphs into every inch of his skin.
16- This wise woman lives in the hollowed out carcass of a giant beetle. She’s distilled a number of psychoactive compounds from the bug, but isn’t interested in sharing.
17- This man has lost his sight, perhaps through sacrifice or staring into the sun too long. He sees the unseen.
18- A strange pale woman dressed in a winding sheet, she lives in a graveyard and speaks to her grandfather’s skull.
19- This mountain hermit dresses in rough skins and speaks of the great animal spirits. He is fond of strong drink.
20- This woman sat under a waterfall until enlightenment hit her. Her pale skin has taken on a bluish tinge, and the wisdom she imparts is marred by her chattering teeth.

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