February 12, 2012

On Titles

I've been using the name Marauders of Ig as the title for my campaign for about six months. I didn't really start with that or any title in mind, just a string of ideas of how I wanted the world to work and the sort of adventures that would take place within it. It's been an organic process.

Here's the problem. I Googled my title on a lark last night and discovered that there's a video game with a disturbingly similar name. Iron Grip: Marauders is an online empire-building sim, like Evony with a steampunk vibe. That wouldn't both me so much, being an entirely different genre, except that their URL is igmarauders.com. My sense of uniquity died.

My plan is to retitle this blog and campaign setting to something more distinct. Part of me worries that there's a risk of litigation, but I'm no copyright/trademark lawyer and given the number of viewers I get daily I don't think anyone will be confused by who's hosting the online game. That said, my inner special snowflake demands I find a new title. Sorry if this hoses up any feeds or links.

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