March 06, 2012

The Implacable Crab

Last night in Ig we were short a few players, only Boff the dwarf and the wizards Spud and Thogamash were available. They decided to delve into the same sea cave beneath Smoleng again in pursuit of pirate treasure. The group didn't have much luck in the chambers, in fact the first delve cost more than it brought in, the bag of copper coins they found on a gnawed and waterlogged corpse didn't cover the fees for bribing their torchmonkey (human) Rothgrim into wading into every body of water they came across.

Facing waterlogged tunnels at the south end of caves, the party decided to head back and explore the northern tunnels. A giant crab ambushed them from behind, nearly eviscerating Spud before the dwarf could push his way through line and block the monster from killing the wizards. It took the party a long, hard fight to chip through the crab's armor, and afterward everyone was too hurt from battle and exhausted from spellburn to continue.

After a week recuperating back in Smoleng they headed back into the caves, but despite the low tide opening many of the flooded tunnels they were unable to discover the whereabouts of the treasure. Another pair of giant crabs were diced when Thogsmash blew their tiny brains with a paralyzing color spray. Having cleared this particular cave, the party returned to town to rest and await the next session.

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