March 12, 2012

Lost Property

Attending this week's session were Boff the dwarf, Spud and Thogsmash, wielder of eldritch forces, and Tim and Diesel, two especially adept cutthroats of the cloak and dagger variety. Returning from the sea caves, Thogsmash discovered his room had been broken into and everything ransacked, his hard-earned treasure was gone! A folded note had been left on the table, the only piece of furniture not flung across the room. When the wizard touched the paper it unrolled and belched a cloud of black smoke than stank of saltpeter. For an instant an evil-looking sigil flared on the page before flying off the paper and appearing with a sizzle on Thogsmash' palm. A message was written in a hand he recognized:

The Bogmaster of And demands the return of his property.

Thogsmash had once been a slave, owned by a mad sorcerer who lived deep in the swamps of And. He'd escaped and made his way to Ig, and as nervous months gave way to years in his new home he had assumed the Bogmaster had forgotten about him. It was not so. In the back of his mind he now felt a compulsion to return, and a doom that hung over his heart if he did not.

Given that Thogsmash was the primary bankroller of the party's misadventures, the rest of the group took to the town to discover who had taken his loot. Coin changed hand, and they soon learned that a group of unsavory looking men had left the village that morning, following the rough track that led back to Hamanda Jakla. Taking to their horses, they road fast catching up after a day's travel. Posing as a merchant caravan, they tricked the thieves into playing highwaymen, only to have their trap reversed when the caravan proved more skilled than expected. The battle ended with five dead bandits, three charmed, and one escaped. The now deeply chill trio began to lead the party to their camp when the session ended.

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