March 13, 2012

Wormhandler Insect List

For ease of reference, a list of insects perfect for summoning by wormhandlers. These entries are taken from the AD&D 2E and Labyrinth Lord, as they were all I had at hand. Feel free to point out anything egregiously missing. 

HD 1
    1- Giant Assassin Bug

    2- Giant Killer Bee
    3- Giant Fire Beetle
    4- Giant Centipede
HD 2
    1- Giant Spitting Beetle
    2- Giant Carnivorous Fly
    3- Subterranean Locust
HD 3

    1- Giant Bombardier Beetle
    2- Giant Carnivorous Beetle
HD 4
    1- Giant Dragonfly (stats as giant eagle)
    2- Giant Wasp
    3- Giant Ant
    4- Giant Water Beetle
HD 5
    1- Giant Boring Beetle
    2- Giant Hornet
    3- Giant Mantis

Lessons learned? I'll have to stat up some scuttley critters with 3 HD. I won't be completely happy till I can roll a d6 for every level.

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