March 01, 2012

The Singing Hill, level 1

I've taken some time the last few days to scan and ink a few of my maps of the Singing Hill, the dungeon my players just finished. It's been as much an excuse to work on my tablet skills as anything. The write-up isn't especially well-written so I'm holding onto it for more editing. This map is pretty rough, but the later levels get progressively more complex and better laid out. This level was full of goblins that the party befriended, so they skipped most of it and climbed the exterior to get into the hive from the ventilation shaft the giant bees had dug in 1c. The stairs in chamber 7 were plot-locked, so they had to take the long way climbing through the hive.

Feel free to use to for your own tiny delves!
Side-view of the complex

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